Who are we?

The Holmes Family [Rich, Archie, Beck, Lola]Kerry and Rich met whilst Rich’s wife, Becky, was expecting their first child and Kerry was a similar amount of weeks pregnant. They ended up tag-teaming the midwife and their sons were born a day apart! Since then the families have been friends and the search has been on for the perfect playground!

Rich has a background in website development and runs web hosting company REHD. The company is very much a hobby as well as a passion and has so far been focussed on community projects such as churches and education centres and now playgrounds! REHD are always looking for exciting new projects to expand their portfolio and would be happy to discuss any ideas you have!

Kerry and family [Kerry, Eden, Dan, Joplin]Kerry’s background is in musical theatre and entertainment as a performer in London’s West End shows. Since becoming a mum she now runs dance school Take The Floor and runs a children’s party business Come To My Party.

The idea for ukplaygrounds.co.uk came through chatting to other parents and finding out just how many fantastic playgrounds there were on our doorstep. All the fantastic places we found seemed to be via word of mouth rather than appearing in any web searches. We realised all the internet sites dedicated to find family activities seemed to be focused on paid attractions rather than free fun. It took us around 5 years of being parents to find these great playgrounds local to us, but what about other parents visiting the area? What about when we visited other towns and wanted to find the best playgrounds and free entertainment? It was about time that a database was created to share all these secrets of the UK’s best playgrounds and thus ukplaygrounds.co.uk was born!

We are adding to the map all the time and rely on your input so if you know a great local park that your children love, please do upload your pictures and info of the playground!